Broken Links

This is a verbal game referring to broken connections between man and Nature, broken links to the Internet (Wood Wide Web), as well as those broken with ourselves. The aim of the work is to rebuild the relationship of man with the Heart of Nature.
Mushrooms are guides to recovery.

Forest is a well communicated environment - when we open ourselves to discover interdependencies between network actors, we find great wealth, biodiversity, and we learn about life, death and rebirth. That's what mushrooms teach us - they're like the interface between the beginning and the end. They take care of the closing of the cycle, the circulation of matter, they are the organism in between. They teach us to let go of what was to go to make space for a new one. They also teach us how to accept what has been supplanted by our culture: death, old age, decay, disease. They teach us about boundary states, transient, healing what is not pampered, building space for a healthy relationship with the difficult areas of our reality, showing their deep meaning and broadening the spectrum of  vision.


phot. Jadwiga Subczynska

 ©  Maria Subczyńska 

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